Welcome to CCMI

Coast to Coast Merchandising and installations

Specializing in Convenience Stores / Gasoline Stations

CCMI is a national retail services company that provides a broad range of installation and in-store merchandising solutions to leading retailers, product manufacturers, and display and graphics vendors. Our nationwide coverage, experienced management and web based reporting systems enable us to help our clients drive their retail performance to the next level

Just as the “on-the-go” C-store/gasoline customer is a “moving target”, the C-store retail environment is subject to seemingly constant changes

  • New advertising signs
  • POP placement
  • Special promotions
  • Product and pricing changes
  • New product introductions
  • Category resets

The list seems endless. How to manage this and stay on top of all programs and promotions that come and go? Outsource and let us coordinate and perform the multiple tasks and responsibilities at retail level.


When it comes to retail merchandising, CCMI has over 28 years of experience in delivering quality service and expertise to help you succeed in today’s competitive market. Why outsource retail visits? Because most C-stores and gas stations just don’t have the internal resources to devote attention to this vital function and don’t want the headaches! Rather than miss execution and profit opportunities, allow us to do what we do best. CCMI can be your field organization, ready to execute your assignment. (Long or Short Term) We provide experienced, well trained representatives, managers, and account executives to execute projects in a cost-effective, productive, and efficient manner

Our representatives are out there every day, everywhere, so why not take advantage of it?